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Four Forklift related safety measures for employers

Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment for manufacturing plants and warehouses. These machines are able to move heavy objects, of all shapes and sizes over short distances, very efficiently. But the forklift, or power industrial truck, also leads to many accidents. According to studies, forklift accidents take 100 lives and cause 20,000 serious injuries every year, in United States alone. Forklift overturning is the most common cause of these deaths and injuries. Other accidents involve being hit by forklift, falling of forklift from loading docks, crash between two forklifts, etc. Most of these accidents are avoidable and occur due to negligence of the operator o the employer. So few of the things you need to keep in mind, as an employer, are listed below.

  1. Hire a qualified operator

Operating a forklift is not a thing that anyone can do. It not only requires proper knowledge, but also skills and experience. There is an intense training and certification program for forklift operators that one needs to clear before getting employed. Along with forklift operating skills, they are also taught the safety measures issued by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association).

So, being an employer, whenever you hire a new forklift operator check his/her operator license and OSHA approved forklift certification. You can also take a little test to check if the person is comfortable with your equipment, because during training they might have used some different equipment. According to the federal law, a forklift operator should be at least 18 years old, also that the operator should be properly trained and certified specifically for operation of the machine they are handling.

  1. Maintenance and inspection of forklifts

Inspect and examine every forklift in your plant on daily basis. Check if there is any fault or any other issue that may pose any risk, and do not put that machine into use. You should also order your operators to take 5 minutes and examine their forklift before every shift.

You can also hire a mechanic who specialises in forklift on full time or part time basis. You can even have him visit just once a week and service all the forklifts in your plant. This will not only make the machines safer but also more efficient and long lasting.

  1. Ask the forklift operator for more information

During the training, every forklift operator goes through a series of lectures, discussions and representations, about all the safety measures lead down by OSHA. This could mean that an operator knows more about forklift related safety than you do. So ask one of your operators to educate you and your other works about all the safety measures he/she was taught during forklift certification.

  1. Make your unit safer

A few very small modifications in your manufacturing unit or warehouse can significantly lower the risks of an accident. These include placing overhead dome mirrors at blind corners to improve visibility, separating the paths of forklifts and other workers where ever possible, and putting horns and flash lights on forklifts so the operator can warn workers and other operators in the area. You can also ask an expert associates with OSHA or NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) to conduct inspections of your unit to point out safety violations and suggest improvements.

You should also check the machine specifications, like maximum weight it can hold or maximum inclinations it can handle, provided by the manufacturer, and instruct your operators to always abide to these specifications.

If you keep all the above mentioned things in mind, the chances of an accident reduce significantly. And that’s all you can do. You cannot stop accidents from happening; you can just reduce the probability.

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If you are finding difficulty with writing, you certainly need help. Writing builds your skills, confidence and shows the knowledge of any particular subject. Writing can be very useful and helpful for you in many ways. Writing is a very basic thing. From schools to colleges and offices your writing skills are tested. You have to do well in writing skills so that you can express yourself clearly. It is a form of expressing yourself. It is a form of expressing yourself in a way that can be clearly understood by others. It not only builds your skills and confidence, but also helps you achieve something good and desirable in your life. Poor writing skills leave a very bad impression on the reader, which may hamper your success. Thus, good writing ability is a need in today’s world which can be achieved by proper guidance an practice. With the help of online tutors you can manage to do a decent job as they help you improve your writing skills. The programs and exercises are taught in a way that will be benefitted for sure. Acadsoc writing tutors will be worth hiring. With their guidance, professionalism and knowledge you can certainly help you in improving your writing skills.

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How to get help to write your essays?

Essays are required to be written by students at high school as well as college level. If you are required to write an essay at a very short notice, it is very difficult to fulfill the obligation. In this context, you might want to take help from others. If you can get help from the comforts of your home, you can save time, effort and money. By utilizing the online services, it is possible to get help from an expert. The expert is well versed in dealing with various aspects of essay preparation and you can certainly be able to complete the same before the deadline.

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